The Things We Hold Dear

My three-year-old never ceases to have a collection of trinkets that accompany him everywhere he goes, whether it’s around the house, in the car or even when he goes to bed.  Today’s assortment included a magnetic letter “J”, a plastic yellow connector for a building toy and a customer appreciation card for a bakery chain.  And while these items may seem pretty trivial , they are the things he holds dear.  He cherishes and protects them, and is eager to show them off to anyone interested.

It got me thinking, I guess we do this as adults too.  Maybe it’s our homes, vehicles, jobs, pets or entertainment systems.  I personally love collecting a variety of memorabilia, and have a particular affinity for my ever-growing stash of Coca-Cola collectibles.  Like my son and his trinkets, we like to show off the things we are proud of and naturally want to share about the things that tend to define us.

All of this leads me to wonder, why am I not this passionate about the one thing that should be most important in my life?  As you may have guessed, I’m talking about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  If you are Christian, perhaps the same applies to you.  Instead of beaming with joy about the earthly things we’ve bought or collected, why don’t we take every opportunity to share the Good News?  I realize that in striking up a conversation, talking about your latest score on Ebay makes a better icebreaker than, “So, where do you stand spiritually?”  But how often do we go the extra mile to eventually talk about what really should define our lives?  Often times we never move past the idle chit-chat.

Maybe, like me, sometimes it feels like your life is being less defined by the Holy Spirit and more by every other distraction that comes along in our busy lives.  I believe that resolving this starts at home.  I know I am supposed to be the spiritual leader of my household, but it is a role where so often I miss the mark.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the things of this world and the busyness of life and put everything else on the back-burner.  Daily devotions in some capacity with my wife and son should be a priority, along with prayer, and too often it isn’t.  I can’t go out into the world and spread a message I’m not prepared to share.

This has just been weighing heavily on me, and maybe it’s something you’ve been feeling too.  As I write this, my son has long since drifted off to sleep, clinging tightly to his trinkets.  As usual, he cherishes and protects them, and will be eager to show them off again tomorrow.  Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if that was the way we all embraced our relationship with Jesus?


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